8 Observations Of My Own Loves

Woo! Another week done and I’m on fire! OK, actually I’m not… but I’m enjoying life.

My style is evolving. I don’t know what my writing is yet.

  1. I love the contemporary story
  2. I love stuff to move; have pace and be visual
  3. I love the young peoples perspective on the world, due to my connection with teens in the Skate world
  4. I love dirty, grubby, lo-fi, sleezey, urban
  5. I love Psychology & Interpretation & Philosophical Conversations
  6. I love Digital / E-Ink & E-Books & Reader technologies
  7. I love the new tools writers can use to bypass the traditional publishing industry
  8. I love showing people how to make an impact online

This all combines to make me want to reshape this blog and start to make some waves in the direction of these things I love.

Therefore I’ve picked a fresh theme and plan to get vocal on the topic.

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